The Confident Sales Team

How to create your confidence and become your most successful self!

So often as sales professionals there is a trainer that will walk you through the simple steps that you need to take to create your goals, identify the right prospects, sell your benefits and go for the close. Sales professionals are looking for something more, something different, something that delivers results and drives revenue. Sales professionals want to separate themselves from the sea of mediocrity that is out there. That begins with providing a solution for their challenges.

So many sales people don’t call on the clients that they really want to go after out of fear of rejection. Sales people become discouraged when one seller keeps winning and they begin to give up on themselves and even start looking for other jobs. Sales people are afraid to ask questions because they don’t want to appear as if they don’t already have the answer. Sales people don’t ask for help because they are afraid of what the response may be. Sales people’s biggest hold back is lack of confidence and that is the single differentiator between the top sales person and everyone else on the team.

In every exchange someone is sold. Whether it is you being sold to pick up your friends dry cleaning or you selling your friend as to why you can’t do it and instead doing something for yourself one of you will ultimately sell the other. Becoming your most confident self will free up time for you to care for yourself and do things you want to do. Creating your confidence will empower you to become the “real” you, the one that you had been afraid to be. Taking off the mask of who you thought you had to be and instead owning who you are will allow you to communicate and sell in ways that you never knew were possible. What makes you unique and different is where your superpower lies. Once you have discovered your superpower, achieving your goals and increasing sales is easy.

After more than 20 years driving sales and leading teams, Heather Monahan will share the ways she became a top producer and grew hundreds of millions in revenue. Heather does not teach the old process of selling instead she brings a fresh perspective to work that empowers your people to step into their confidence and finally see what has been holding them back from achieving their success. The relatable stories that Heather brings to your team make the lessons memorable and impactful yielding results. If you want to set your sellers up for the biggest year of their life and your company’s biggest revenue spike yet, create confidence for your sellers and your team. Heather Monahan is not only an expert in sales she is also an expert in confidence creation and combining her expertise delivers a presentation you can’t afford to miss.

Heather Monahan