The Confident Leader

How to create confidence and become your most powerful self!

What would it be like if talented employees flocked to you and you had zero turnover on your team? You would achieve your goals, get promoted and feel fantastic! If you have not been able to figure out what it is that’s holding you back from becoming the best leader on your team then it is time for something new.

Whether we know it or not there are underlying challenges in each company that can present hold backs keeping our leaders from growing and taking risks. When there is a lack of growth and risk taking there is a lack of innovation and lack of creativity. Employees want to be a part of a team and company that is in growth mode, creating and innovating daily. People want to work for people that they can relate to and who can help them grow. While traditional leadership training is valuable and relevant to hold employees accountable and implement training programs, it takes more to really get to the next level.

Creating teams of people where Confidence is nurtured and developed not only improves employees productivity it improves their lives. Taking the first step to fine tune your confidence creation plan and strategy will allow you to step into your most authentic self. The more authentic, relatable and real you are the more your people will come to you and run through walls for you. Becoming your most confident self allows you to become vulnerable which happens to be a unique and highly sought after trait amongst leaders. Allowing for vulnerability on the team allows for a safe place for employees to ask for help and ask questions they may otherwise be afraid to share.

Heather Monahan has 20 years of experience leading, training, and mentoring thousands of employees and hundreds of leaders to reach their potential and in turn teach their teams how to do the same. In this enlightening session Heather will share with you the key steps that need to be taken, the work that must be done and the plan to leave with in order to implement it in your office and your life. Creating confidence for you is imperative but to become a true leader you must learn to create confidence in others and foster it throughout your community.

Heather Monahan