Becoming A Confident Woman

How to create confidence and become the woman you have the potential to be!

Lacking confidence as a woman is something Heather Monahan knows quite a bit about. Feeling less than others, feeling scared to put yourself out there or just feeling lost are all signs that it’s time for you to create your confidence. Beginning as young as 8 years old, females statistically report having less confidence than their male peers. Realizing that the gender pay gap isn’t closing anytime soon, it is time to take charge and create your own confidence so you don’t have to wait for the invite and instead will create it for yourself.

The majority of women today are struggling with self-doubt. Most women fail to put themselves first. Many women are bullied and don’t know how to stand up for themselves. The current culture we live in applauds when men win awards and shares the news yet a woman would feel petrified to share the news of her accomplishment. Women are afraid to appear “mean” or “full of themselves” and most women accept the blame for things they are not responsible for.

Ending the constant apologies and putting ourselves on equal footing with others will create confidence and set women up for opportunities they currently don’t see as possible. There is one opinion in this world that matters and it is yours. It is about time for you to own it and shine your light so the rest of the world can see.

Heather Monahan is the speaker that will bring her real world experience and share her personal heartfelt stories to relate with your audience and empower them to create change that will elevate them for life. The specific steps that Heather will share with your audience will leave them fired up and ready to take the leap to create their own confidence and make change in their life for the better. Sharing her hard won wisdom with your audience will equip them to have the tools, understanding and inspiration to make the changes needed. Confidence isn’t given, it is created.

Heather Monahan