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The Confidence Creator

“Harnessing Disruption as a Catalyst for Success”

The modern workplace has changed and there is no going back, which has been difficult for both leaders and employees alike to fully accept. With challenges and adversities coming from all sides, there has been a growing erosion of confidence that is beginning to affect even the most assured leaders. Heather Monahan has been teaching the importance of having confidence for some time, but now her timely messages are more on point than ever. She takes a frank and fresh approach with audiences to help them to realize that confidence is the one thing that changes everything, no matter the situation or environment. As setbacks are destined to occur, it is those who are confident who can withstand the blows while others crumble under the pressure. The feelings of frustration, disappointment and anger that go along with lack of confidence can be debilitating. Participants leave Heather’s talks with a new understanding of how they can become confident and the structured steps they can take to begin to be seen and heard.

Confidence is the one thing that will change everything

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Heather Monahan