I hear from many women that they struggle to find a work/life balance. They want to be able to achieve balance while giving their best to everyone and every situation. Of course, we all struggle with this: how to create balance when we’re juggling a million different things. The bottom line is, balance is bullshit.

There is no one thing that will help you feel perfectly balanced. But, I do have some tips to help you assess and improve your situation overall, so you can feel more in charge of your time, your priorities and your life.

Tip 6: Get Present, Now.

Be present in this moment. Do not leap ahead two years when you find yourself having a tough day.  The time to look and plan for your future is the time you are calm and together and not when you’re feeling unbalanced and inadequate.  Everyone sees himself/herself this way at some point;  these are the times to do the things that make you feel good – spend time with your loved ones, meditate, workout, whatever it takes. 

By being present in every moment, you will put more into that task and deliver a better result.  If you have to be at work, be the best at work that you can be. If you find yourself taking a day off to go on a field trip for your child, be there and focus on the day trip not on what you are missing at work. Being present will help instill a feeling of being more in control of your time and your priorities!