Carry Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  • Purchase a large bottle of water after you’ve gone through security. Staying hydrated while flying is crucial for your both your looks and health, and if you’re flight is delayed, you won’t be able to get any water until you’re on your plane. Also, always pack a snack that travels well. Protein bars, a bag of nuts, even a hard-boiled egg can quiet your tummy rumbles when buying a nibble or nosh isn’t possible, or you’re trying to avoid that tempting bag of kiosk chips.
  • Because airports and airplanes are one big germ factory: hand sanitizer, airborne, vitamin C packs and cough drops are must-have travel essentials. But, don’t stop there. Aspirin, Visine, and allergy meds should also be included in your Ziploc traveling pharma-pack.
  • Hey Girl Hey, don’t forget to tuck the following items into your purse or tote before takeoff: extra tampons, a nail file kit, dry shampoo (for when you don’t have time to wash your hair before that early morning meeting), bobby pins and a curling iron.

Runway Couture

  • Pack with one color theme, such as black, navy or grey. This will help you limit the amount of shoes and bags you’ll need to bring. Packing one predominant color of clothing (i.e. black) means you only need 1 black bag only and 1 pair of black (or even nude) shoes.
  • Socks are your friend on flights and when going through TSA. They keep your tootsies more germ-free and toasty. But, if you don’t want to remove your shoes at all, wear flats or heels for TSA screening.
  • Pack a jacket or wrap. Again, planes can get chilly, and weather can change wherever you’re headed.
  • Pack one extra skirt. Rips happen. That goes for hosiery and tights as well.
  • If you had your ear buds or headphones on, you probably didn’t hear me say that bringing them along is a Godsend, but indeed they are. Especially when you want to sleep on the plane, not hear the baby in 7B cry, or engage in small talk with your seatmates. 

We’ve All Got Baggage…

  • NEVER check your luggage if at all possible. Having to deal with lost luggage is a time consuming headache, not to mention a costly headache if you have to go out and buy an outfit or sundries until the airline can get your bags to you.
  • Get Your Carryon Into the Overhead Pronto to ensure you grab coveted real estate up there – preferably in your row, or a row or two ahead of your assigned seat. There’s nothing worse than having to swim downstream if you’re seated up front, but your carryon is waaay in the back. 

Be Your Own Power House

  • You don’t want to be that person who loses juice while on the road, so consider purchasing an extra phone charger and then just leave it in your travel bag indefinitely. Packing a back up battery is also a good option, as well as a portable charging unit.
  • Be prepared for no Wi-Fi. Whether you don’t like to use it publicly for security reasons, or it “goes down,” take a page out of the old school book and be sure to have a good paperback, crossword puzzles, or Sudoku in your bag.

Channel Your Inner Scout

  • Print out a hard copy of your ticket at home or the office (insert your Mom’s voice saying… “Just in case!”).
  • If you have tons of work to do and are looking forward to getting some of it done before you even takeoff, go to your departure airport’s website and identify whether or not there is a sky club or two that you can use pre-flight.
  • Download your carrier’s app, or set up alerts to your phone for gate changes.
  • As stressful as traveling is nowadays, try to keep a smile on your face and be pleasant to all you encounter, especially the people who are working your gate. Making friends with them can pay off in dividends!