Anyone who knows me know I love fashion and firmly believe you should be yourself and cele-brate what makes you unique. But I’ve also learned that the office might not be the place to cele-brate your inner fashionista to the max. So, I’ve compiled my guidelines to help you decipher what to wear for every occasion. I hope these fashion guidelines give you some insight into how to feel and look your best, whether moving up the corporate ladder, heading out for a date or be-coming the life of the party.

Tip 9: Buy a Classic Bag

Finding classic, go-to bag for work is imperative. It will make deciding what to wear that much easier. I’ve always chosen classic basic bags in black or a neu-tral hue so I can use them everyday.

As I made more money, I would buy another color, but I have stayed very con-sistent with two staple bags throughout my career. Making an investment in a beautiful bag is wise; it will literally last you for years! I have the same Louis Vuitton carry-all bag that I bought six years ago. I use it most days, and be-cause it’s black and timeless, I know it will be appropriate for most occasions. I still get compliments on it all the time! I also have a Phillip Lim bag that I bought on Rue La La. It’s nearly white and can go with so much in the summer months.

Owning one or two staple bags is fantastic for elevating your look and keeping you professional. My bag fits my computer, notebook, purse, makeup, brush and anything else that I might be carrying. A good work bag is a necessity for look-ing polished and professional.