I’ve learned some amazing things from being a mom, including things I never even realized I didn’t know! The journey of motherhood has provided me with knowledge that I can apply to all areas of my life. Sometimes, life’s biggest les-sons are taught by our small children.

Lesson 8: Commit to Being Brave

I have always felt very strong and driven, but what I’ve learned from being a mom is how to have courage. Motherhood has intensified my commitment to being brave. Knowing that I have my mini-me watching and listening has made me think twice about giving up on something or not forging ahead.

Because I want my son to be the best person he can be and strive for greatness in his life, I need to be doing that every day to show him how it’s possible. Some of my most proud moments have been witnessing his accomplishments. When my son ran for student council in first grade and won, it was literally life chang-ing for him and me. To see him putting himself out there and being brave enough to go for something he wanted motivated me to put myself out there, too.

Knowing that I have someone that is always cheering me on behind the scenes drives me to do more. Being brave is something that my son and I talk about a lot and something that we practice even more. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have failures or fears because we do; it means that we move forward in the face of those fears and failure because we are committed to being brave. I am so grateful that, my son is teaching me to be brave and we are doing it together!