I’ve learned countless things from being a mom, including things I never even realized I didn’t know! The journey of motherhood has provided me with knowledge that I can apply to all areas of my life. Sometimes, life’s biggest les-sons are taught by the tiniest of people.

Lesson 7: Stop Worrying. Start Living.

Worrying doesn’t pay. If there’s anything being a mom has taught me, it’s this. When my son was first born, he had an issue with his leg. We went to specialists and multiple doctors and we were told he could outgrow the issue, or he might not be able to run and be active like other kids.

I am lucky to say that my son outgrew this challenge and today, he’s a great basketball player! All of the worrying in the world did nothing to fix this issue; it was just a matter of time passing. My son also went through a phase around the time he was 1-2 years old where he was biting. This drove me crazy! I worried so much about what was wrong with him, and then one day he just stopped.

Being a mom has taught me that there are phases that kids go through and challenges that you encounter but often, just letting time pass fixes the issue at hand. This is also a great lesson that can be applied to life and work. Worrying is a waste. The truth is, time can heal all wounds and give you a new perspective.