Heather’s an amazing mentor, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her in her program. I’ve learned so much from her! I’ve built more confidence and have improved with skills in promoting and asserting myself at work. She’s helped me navigate difficult conversations and shift my perspective. I’ve shifted from nervousness around salary discussion with recruiters to being excited about negotiating so that I attract the right job and am compensated for the value I add. She has provided solid advice in how to connect with people in a way that they feel heard and both of us can move forward collaboratively. She’s shared techniques on how to be sure I never walk away from a room or conversation with a “no,” but rather provide a follow-up timeframe with action items. That way, what I was striving for is not off the table – just perhaps delayed. I now see more options and possibilities for my career. I previously thought I needed a linear staircase for my industry and hierarchy, but the landscape for corporate and career is as wide-open and creative as I make it. Plus – she’s a warm and compassionate person. I feel like she has a personal interest and cares about my goals and growth. I’m so inspired by what she has accomplished, as well as who she is. Highly recommend working with Heather!