I hear from a lot of women that they struggle to find a work/life balance. They want to know how to achieve balance while still being the best at everything, to everyone, at all times. Of course, we all struggle with this: how to balance all the different things we’re juggling. But the bottom line is, balance is bullshit.

There is no magic advice that will help you feel perfectly balanced all the time. I do have some tips, though, to help you assess and improve your situation overall—so you can feel more in charge of your time, your priorities and your life.

Tip 8: Get Clear on Your Passion. Then Pursue It.

Figure out your passion, and chase it. If you incorporate what is important to you in your life, it will make your challenges more palatable. I have heard from women that they don’t know what their passion is, but they are sure that they are not following it.  Take the time to discover what it is you are passionate about.  Spend time thinking about what you love to do if money wasn’t an issue. 

For me, my passion is helping others who are struggling because it reminds me of who I am and where I have been, and it helps to make me more confident and proud of where I am today. Passions are different for everyone! Yours could be writing, painting or spending time with children. 

The first step is to identify it and then find a way to weave it into your life.  It can be a hobby or a charity that you work with on the weekends—it doesn’t have to be what you do full time. Find your passion and make it a part of your life. You’ll feel more fulfilled and whole as a person, and this will make everything else in your life better.