When you increase your self worth, everything seems to fall in line. But how do you improve your self confidence? Here’s the great news: It can be done! If you want to truly be successful in your personal and work life, you have to improve your confidence. It’s the most important thing you can do for yourself. And I’m here to tell you how to do just that, in 10 easy-to-follow steps.

Building self esteem is a skill that anyone can learn. Think of confidence as a muscle: When we work it, it only gets stronger and more defined.  Once you improve your self confidence, you’ll see things improve in all areas of your life.

Tip 8: Practice and Prepare.

Practice and preparation are two ways to build your confidence muscle. Just like working out at the gym, we need to train many days a week to get results; this is no different. To grow your confidence, you need to put yourself in the best situations for success. That usually means researching, practicing and preparing for whatever it is that you are trying to do. If it is for a work task, preparing at home the night before will boost your confidence in the meeting the next day. If it is for a social situation, then reading the best conversation starters and trending hot topics will help you feel better prepared. 

Whatever the situation, if you prepare for it and practice, you will feel much more confident going into it. Then, the outcome is just the outcome, but you’ll know you did all that you could do! Practice and preparation build the confidence muscle quickly.