Fashion can be a source of expression, joy and fun! I love fashion and firmly believe you should be yourself and celebrate what makes you unique in life, but I’ve also learned that the office might not be the place to celebrate your inner fashionista! So, I’ve compiled my guidelines to help you decipher what to wear for every occasion. I hope these fashion guidelines give you some insight into how to feel and look your best, whether moving up the corporate ladder, heading out for a date or becoming the life of the party.

Tip 4: A Little Research Goes a Long Way

Work cocktail parties are an interesting event to navigate what to wear. If it’s an annual event I’ve never been to, I typically research the previous year’s event online to see how people were dressed. There are formal work cocktail parties and more casual work cocktail parties, and it’s always helpful to have an idea of how to dress. Are women in silk jumpsuits with lots of jewelry? Then wearing your work suit may not be the best option. Are they all wearing their office suits? Then perhaps a basic black sheath dress and a jacket will be more appropriate than a red cocktail dress.

Knowing the environment you are walking into will always help you to feel more confident, and therefore, to look and feel your best!