Fashion is a fantastic way to express your personality. I love fashion and firmly believe you should be yourself and celebrate what makes you unique in life, but I’ve also learned that the office might not be the place to celebrate your inner fashionista! So, I’ve compiled my guidelines to help you decipher what to wear for every occasion. I hope these fashion guidelines give you some insight into how to feel and look your best, whether moving up the corporate ladder, heading out for a date or becoming the life of the party.

Tip 5: Mirror Who You’re Meeting With

When I have a big meeting or presentation, I typically know the people I will be meeting with and have done my homework on them. I find that when you’re trying to win business or convince superiors to come to your way of thinking, it’s helpful to mirror them in some way. The easiest way to do this is by paying attention to how they dress as it will help you decide what to wear for your meeting.

I have a boss who loves to wear sneakers and jeans no matter what, so when I meet with him, I never wear a suit. This keeps the meeting more comfortable and keeps him at ease. Conversely, when I am going into a meeting with a big client and am trying to win their business, I dress for success. That means looking as professional as possible. I will typically wear a suit in a basic navy or black color to convey how serious I am about winning their business.

People form an impression of you the minute they lay eyes on you. Whether you’re heading in to a huge presentation or a one-on-one meeting, make sure the impression they form is a good one.