A healthy dose of self confidence can feel overwhelming to obtain and completely out of grasp. But here’s the great news: It can be done! And if you want to truly be successful in your personal and work life, you have to improve your confidence. I’m here to tell you how to do just that, in 10 easy-to-follow steps.

Building confidence is a skill that anyone can learn. Think of confidence as a muscle: When we flex it, it only gets stronger and more defined. Let’s help you improve your self confidence and watch your personal and professional lives follow suit!

Tip 4: Get a Support Group. Then Use Them!

Building confidence goes hand in hand with treating yourself with respect. That means surrounding yourself with people that treat you well, respect you and help you strive to be better. The old adage that your parents used to preach to you—“You are who you hang out with!”—–well, guess what? They were right!

When I was younger and my confidence was low, I would gravitate to people that I thought I could help. But I have learned that it is more beneficial to surround yourself with people that encourage you to stretch beyond your self-imposed limitations, to be your best and to let you know that they are there to catch you in case you fall.

Beware of people who are constantly struggling to pull you down! Everyone is going to have bad days, but when you surround yourself with people that can see the good in you, even when you are having days when you can’t, that is when you’ll develop confidence. Keep a good support group around to help you up when you fall.