I hear from a lot of women that they struggle to find a work/life balance. They want to be, or feel they need to be, the best of everything, all the time—and they want to be able to achieve balance in doing so. Of course, we all struggle with this: how to achieve balance when we’re juggling a million different things. The bottom line is, balance is bullshit.

There is no silver bullet that will help you find the perfect formula that you will always feel good about. But, I do have some tips that I think will help you to as-sess and improve your situation overall, so you can feel more in charge of your time, your priorities and your life.

Tip 2: Assess and Amend

What is important to you? Your priorities will change and remain fluid through-out life, but it is important to check in with yourself from time to time. For ex-ample, if your child/children are doing well and thriving and you need to work a little extra, your life can afford you that choice in that moment. Conversely, if your child is having nightmares, not sleeping and struggling at school, your sense to be available to him/her is correct.

Assess your current situation and amend your choices where you can. If you have been single for years because you haven’t had time to date, it is time to make that a priority. Constantly assessing where you are and where you want to go is an important part of life and business. Create goals, make them specific and constantly re-evaluate them. Life is a moving target and so are you. Balance is bullshit, but you can take control of your life when you prioritize what mat-ters most to you at any given point in time.