When you’re struggling to build your self confidence, it can feel like it’s always at arm’s length. But here’s the great news: It can be done! If you want to truly be successful in your personal and work life, you have to improve your confidence. It’s the most important thing you can do for yourself. And I’m here to tell you how to do just that, in 10 easy-to-follow steps.

Building self esteem is a skill that anyone can learn. Think of confidence as a muscle: When we flex it, it only gets stronger and more defined.  Let’s help you improve your self confidence so you can have the personal and professional successes you’ve been dreaming about.

Tip 6: No One Is Perfect, So You Don’t Have to Be, Either.

No one is perfect. There is nothing more true. My shrink taught me this years ago! If you find someone that is trying to promote themselves as perfect, RUN. Those are the least confident, most insecure people.

What I have learned in turning 40 is that people who put up a front have a lot to hide. By letting the world see your flaws and imperfections, you boost your confidence and accept yourself and draw others closer to you.  I thought that I was really nailing this until 2 weeks ago when my son had a wart on his thumb. We covered it with a special medicinal band-aid and changed it each night. It was improving remarkably well. Then one night, I asked him to pull the band-aid off so I could go and get a new one and he said,  “No! Wait until you are ready to switch it. It’s so awful to look at that I can’t bring myself to see it.”  This broke my heart.  Apparently, I must not be that accepting of myself and my flaws, and he is emulating that.

This only furthers my point that we are all flawed and the beauty is in getting to a place where you can appreciate them. My son is teaching me every day.  #workinprogress