When you feel anything but confident, trying to obtain that healthy self esteem can feel overwhelming and completely out of grasp. But here’s the great news: It can be done! And if you want to truly be successful in your personal and work life, you have to improve your confidence. I’m here to tell you how to do just that, in 10 easy-to-follow steps.

Gaining confidence is a skill that anyone can learn. Think of confidence as a muscle: When we flex it, it only gets stronger. Let’s help you improve your self confidence and watch all the other aspects of your life begin to improve, as well!

Tip 3: Winning Isn’t Everything.

Developing confidence is not about winning. I used to think confidence was all about winning—but this is actually the opposite of confidence. Today, I realize that whether I win or lose, it is just another life experience.

Confidence is having the courage to know you are a good person regardless of your bank account balance, hair color or child’s report card. Confidence is feel-ing good about yourself despite all of these things. Today, I understand that if I listen to my intuition and act on it, I will increase my confidence in myself. That doesn’t mean that I’m going to get what I want or win each time, but that doesn’t really matter anymore. The more true I can be to who I really am, the more confident I feel.

By listening to my intuition and acting on it, I am growing more into who I really am. You become much more powerful, real, calm and confident as you develop this ability. When was the last time you listened to your intuition and acted on it? Start listening to your intuition and watch your confidence start to improve. You won’t regret it.