1. What Inspired You To Take This New Journey To Create Your Personal Brand?

    Years of knowing that I am not living to my fullest potential and feeling frustrated by it. This was not something that happened to me over night. This has been a lifetime in the works. Whenever I share with, or help other people, I am happy. I love to use my life experiences to elevate others, but so often find myself focused on my job and day-to-day tasks that I let go of doing what I love. Over the years I have had successes and have allowed amazing people into my life that have helped me to develop true self-confidence. Consequently, as my confidence has grown, it has forced me to look at what I am doing and how I am spending my time and how I can choose to change that in an instant, and that is what I am now doing.

  1. What Does The Heather Monahan Brand Represent?

The Heather Monahan brand represents being unique by being you. It represents coming from nothing and overcoming hurdles and falling down and struggling and still moving forward. It represents the woman who has struggled and who has wanted to overcome those struggles by putting a voice and a plan and network to her strife’s. It is representative of any woman being whatever it is she wants to be because she can. By finding your own unique superpower that resides within you, you can make the world a better place. This is a brand built by women – for women.

  1. What’s The Most Important Advice You Can Give To Women Starting Out In Their Career?

There are so many things that I would like to speak to, but to give only one piece of advice, I would have to think back to when I was starting out… I let making money be my sole goal. I did so because I didn’t have any and I knew I wanted some. In that ambition, I lost sight of the things that I liked to do. I didn’t understand back then that you should find out what your passions and loves are first and then pursue those, because if you do that you will find success. Instead I set out to find what would make me money quickly and that does not have a happy ending. I spent years trying to redirect myself to find my passion and true purpose for my self and my career. So, my advice is start off in the right direction with your passions in mind, and you will create a more seamless, peaceful path in life. Don’t fight them or your talents, or you won’t have a happy ending either.

  1. Can You Name A Person Who Has Had A Tremendous Impact On You As A Leader?

I cannot name one person, as there has been a plethora of amazing people that have impacted my life. Admittedly, however, I used to get caught up with i.e. I can’t learn from my mom because she never made any real money, or I cant learn from my first boss because he was a slave driver and treated people poorly. What I finally learned is that you can take something from everyone. From my mom, I can now see that she was so desperate to provide for 4 children on her own that she worked 3 jobs and sacrificed her 30s and 40s to give to us. That is pretty amazing. My first boss taught me passion for work and never ending commitment to succeed, while simultaneously teaching me that people leave people that do not treat them well. No matter how smart, passionate and talented he was, people would always leave him. As I grew older, I found my self elevating my standards and working with people that treated me better and looked to help and advise me on my path to success. There have been too many to detail here, but I can promise you that without these amazing, supportive people, I would not be where I am today. Bottom line is – you can – and should learn something from everyone.   Look inside you to see how people affect you and why. Learn who you want to be by watching others.

  1. What’s Your One Favorite Motivational Quote And Why?

Fear is a Liar. Whenever I’ve stopped myself from doing something in my life it has been because I have been afraid. What I continue to learn in life is that fear is a liar. It is not real. It is something that you or I have created in our heads in our own little world. It doesn’t exist. When you instead use that fear to fuel you forward, anything can happen. Now when I feel fear, I say to myself, it is time to go faster. It’s working.

  1. How Would You Describe Yourself In One Word?

Special, but then again everyone is 😃

  1. How Would You Describe The Essence Of Your Brand In 3 Words?

Powerful, transparent, supportive

  1. Name 3 Words That Have Helped You Get To Where You Are Today?

Connection, support, self-awareness

  1. What Are The Most Important Decisions That You Make As A Leader?

The people I choose and hire to be on my team

  1. What Are The 3 Things That You Need To Do Before Getting Into The Office?

Kiss my son and wish him a great day, work out, and have a daily plan

  1. Name A Time You Almost Gave Up – What Did You Do Instead Of Giving Up?

I almost gave up 100 times before launching this brand because of my fear of failure and countless other excuses to protect myself from haters. But, instead of giving up, I am going faster.

  1. Have You Had Any Struggles In Reaching Gender Equality?

Are you kidding me? Of course I have. And, this inequality includes being sexually harassed at work, having others chalk up my success to the way I look, and also includes a vast pay difference between my male counterparts and me.

  1. What Do You Think Is The Most Significant Barrier To Female Leadership?

Women not having the confidence to move thru their fear and go for it. Feeling to responsible and concerned with everyone else.

  1. What Will Be The Biggest Challenge For The Generation Behind You?

That is unknown right now, but I am hopeful that there will be less of a challenge for the women of tomorrow with the groundwork that the women of today have laid for them.

  1. What Do You Think Of Social Media? Best And Worst Parts Of It?

I think social media is amazing for the amount of reach it allows for. It has created a platform for people to share positive messages and personal stories of inspiration, as well as it has created the opportunity for a feeling of community at a much larger scale. The down side to this is that it has also created a larger reach for bullying, negativity and haters, which is never good. The importance is staying focused on the positive, surrounding yourself with good people and realizing that the haters hating is about them and not you. If you can do that, there isn’t a downside.

  1. Do You Follow Any Popular Social Media Accounts And Why?

Of Course! I adore fashion and pop culture. So, I follow E! News and I even follow the Kardashians. I love to see what is happening and trending in the media and see that no matter who someone is, there are good days and bad, supporters and haters – and it puts us all on a level playing field.

  1. What Advice Can You Give Young Girls Getting Into Business?

When your gut tells you to speak up, when you have an idea and you are afraid it may not resonate with others – SPEAK UP at all costs. Scare yourself daily with putting yourself out there – this is how you will grow, advance, bring attention and build confidence. Do not let others disrespect you. Build boundaries with negative people and do all you can to work and surround yourself with good people when you have a choice in the matter.

  1. What Do You Do On Your Own Down Time To Help Balance Your Career?

Working out for me is cathartic and I cannot get through a week without it playing a primary role in my routine or I could lose my sanity. Meditation is something I have been trying to incorporate as well to help me stay calm and focused. Spending time with my son and my friends brings me so much joy. Getting to go to the beach and be outside with people I love makes my life amazing.

  1. On A More Serious Note, What’s Your Superpower Or Spirit Animal?

I love this question! I recently gave a talk about finding your superpower. I am so lucky that I have a few! I have found that my superpower is my ability to connect with others quickly, elevate those around me and push through obstacles no matter how large. That’s my short answer and I’m sticking to it!