I met Heather Monahan is the spring of ’09, when I was the National Sales Manager in Philadelphia, for Beasley Media. It was a challenging time and Heather was successfully leading our company through the Great Recession as Executive VP of Sales. There were immense challenges both inside and outside of our company. Watching Heather unite and inspire us through that adversity taught me life-lessons both professionally and personally. What was even more impressive was watching a high-level business person, with such tremendous responsibilities resting on her shoulders, still find time to be an amazing parent. Heather’s son, Dylan is always at the forefront of everything she does. It’s her ability to cut directly to the heart of a matter with laser sharp clarity which makes Heather so accomplished professionally and personally; there are no wasted moments and she’s always 100% invested. Heather was a true mentor and helped me grow my career while at Beasley, guiding me towards several promotions by teaching me the art of negotiating and helping me first recognize then create value in my unique skills. To this day I still use the skills I’ve learned from Heather for personal growth and career success, which have helped me achieve goals even after no longer working with her at Beasley Media Group. Something which always impressed me about Heather is the enormous respect her competitors have for her, and even though I can now count myself as part of that group of competitors, I am grateful I can still call Heather a mentor and most importantly a dear friend. To this day when I need guidance or advice, Heather is always one of my first calls. If you want to empower yourself professionally and personally, if you want to unlock and learn the value of your unique skills, then I strongly encourage you to invest some time with Heather Monahan and get a taste of what everyone is talking about.