Closing the deal and getting a job offer can feel insurmountable if you’ve never been taught how.

With my 17 years’ experience hiring talent, friends and acquaintances often ask me for advice on how to get hired at their dream company. I’ve compiled my top 10 easy tips for this How To Get Hired blog series, where I’ll explore the best ways to ace your interview—in detail—one tip at a time.

Let’s help you close the deal and get that dream job offer!

Tip 9: Go For the Close.

No one will get a job if they don’t go for the close. This can be a daunting task for many women if they’re not used to being direct, but it’s an essential part of getting hired.

Repeat after me: “I will not leave the office of the hiring manager without saying this: ’What else do you need to know about me in order to offer me this job? Are you the only person that will be making this decision and if so, will you be offering me the position?’”

You can frame this question many different ways, but the bottom line is you need to ask for the offer. If it makes you uncomfortable to think about doing this, consider the alternative:

You will not get the job unless you ask for it.

Just as you did with your other prep tips, practice asking for the offer until it becomes second nature. Once you remove the fear, there is room for excitement at the prospect of getting the job!