I’ve had the pleasure of working for Heather as well as having the honor of calling her my friend.

In the work world, Heather is a strong, passionate and inspiring leader. I’ve been in the radio industry for many years, and have witnessed firsthand how rapidly this business has changed over the decades. What is so impressive about Heather is her ability to stay ahead of all the new and developing aspects of not only radio, but the overall media broadcast industry which changes at lightning speed. Heather has inspired me to continue to educate myself and to stay relevant and informed on the future of our industry. Heather is always evolving and has encouraged me to do the same.

Personally, Heather is a kind, compassionate, honest and loyal friend. No matter the time, situation or environment, Heather is always on call if you need her. She is also an attentive and nurturing Mom who is raising a strong and confident child. I honestly don’t know how Heather does it all so well. I guess it’s clear – I am a fan of Heather Monahan!