Getting hired at your dream company isn’t a mystery. But it can definitely feel that way if you’re not prepared.

Friends and acquaintances often ask me for advice on how to get hired. I’ve compiled my top 10 easy tips for this How To Get Hired blog series, where I’ll explore the best ways to ace your interview—in detail—one tip at a time.

Let’s help you find your strengths and ask direct questions!

Tip 8: Be Direct.
You will never get the information you need in order to close this deal if you don’t ask direct questions. I have seen many women get nervous in this phase, even when they are the most qualified for the job!

First, think about when you overcame fear or adversity.
I suggest looking at other experiences in your life where you felt nervous but were able to over-come the nerves. I keep a short list of accomplishments top-of-mind and readily available for me to pull from. Sometimes, it’s as simple as remembering that I completed a workout on the treadmill at a speed I thought I couldn’t possibly achieve. Other times, it’s remembering that when everyone told me my idea of adding new product offerings to our lineup wouldn’t work, I saw it through and celebrated my achievement.

It also can be a different kind of win, like remembering how scared I was that my son would suf-fer as a result of my getting divorced. Now, seeing him thriving and realizing I made the right decision gives me confidence in the face of other challenges.

Second, power through your nerves in order to be direct.
Whatever adversity you have overcome, use it now to power you forward through the nerves you may be feeling. Only you can make this happen.

Some good direct questions to ask are, “How do I compare to your other candidates? What skill set is specifically imperative to have with this position for you to be happy? What happened to the person that previously had this job? What would I be able to expect from you as a boss?”

Figure out what your strongest moments have been and keep them readily available to you. Don’t be afraid to use them to your advantage to secure the job you’ve been dreaming about!