I finished your course yesterday. Wow, so many amazing things happened for me personally and professionally. I have to share the most profound occurrence.

I had a set time to take the course in the morning after my morning ritual. I was taking the session of using your voice. My throat began to tighten. I was already aware I needed help in this area. The session confirmed it was more work to be done. I had a guest schedule for our chat before we schedule him for an actual podcast recording later that morning. I shared with him the experience I had with your course that morning.  He just happened to be Master NLP Coach and public speaker. He was able to get to the root of the issue and help me to reprogram a childhood memory.  I attracted and manifested so many great opportunities and connections while participating in your program. I got clarity on my passion for podcasting and branding myself. It was a very powerful transformational 30 day experience.