People often ask me for advice on how they can succeed in business. Some people may assume I’ve had things easy in my life and in my career, and that’s what has led to my success. I want to be very clear: I have not had things easy. My challenges have helped me grow stronger and have lead to success at work and in life.

Growing up with as one of four kids with a single mom left me feeling “less than” other kids who had much more than I did. My mother worked extremely hard at multiple jobs just to keep food on the table, and even as a child I was able to see clearly that some people were successful, while others were not. I watched others and I tried to figure out what I needed to do to succeed.

As an adult, I resolved that I would not have to struggle financially the way my mother had. I decided to outwork everyone and put myself on the fast track for success—in all aspects of my life.

I’ve gathered my top 10 easy tips for helping you outshine others and set yourself apart for this blog series, How To Succeed in Business and Life. With each tip, I’ll address in detail how to become more successful in all that you do.

Tip 5: Use Your Superpower for Success.

Figure out what your superpower is and hone in on it. You might be thinking that you don’t have one, but I promise you… you do! Everyone has at least one, and you probably have many. I needed help to identify mine, so I asked people on my team what specific value I brought to them at work. I did the same with my friends and family and pretty soon, I was able to identify various superpowers that I brought to the party!

Once you know that, you can make sure you are using your power every day. I bring solutions, vision, encouragement, communication and I have people’s backs—a superpower they appreciate!

I try to stop myself each day to ask if I have been using my superpowers throughout the day. Most days, I am using them. Every once in a while, though, when you get in a rut you might need to remind yourself to dust off your superhero gear and jump into a role where you can prove your talents and strengths. This will help your confidence to grow and your peers at work (not to mention friends and family) to see your value…a sure step to achieving success.