Working Moms tend to put everyone’s needs ahead of their own. So, the holidays create a fantastic opportunity to put these Supernovas first! Since Moms will always love anything that their children makes for them, here are a few low-cost options for kids, husbands and partners to impart on that special lady in all of our lives this holiday season:

  1.  Framing a Meaningful Piece of Artwork From a Child – and making sure they autograph the art is a sure fire win.
  2.  Updating Pictures In The Home – Most working moms have little time to spare, and while there is always time to take pictures of your loved ones, it is very rare that a working mom has the time to develop or print out the photos and update them in the existing frames in the house. Doing this for your working mom is a welcomed gift.
  3.  Creating Your Own Realistic Redeemable Coupon Book – is a fantastic present.  When every member of the family contributes coupons to this book, your working mom will be able to redeem REAL LIFE gifts such as: No Talking, No Fighting, a night off, dinner made, the kitchen cleaned, a date night, a couch foot massage et al. Having the power to make any of these things happen on the spot is a dream come true for any working mom, just ask them!
  4.  Organization Is a Constant Goal for Working Moms – so, getting yours a large tote that can hold a laptop and all her mom supplies and necessities is useful gift.
  5. Buy a Gift Certificate WITH An Expiration Date – since most working moms put off going to a spa in lieu of doing something with the family, a guarantee to get her there with a deadline is a gift unto itself. To further motivate mom to take time out from the family, contact one of her girlfriends ahead of time and consider buying her friend the same gift certificate. That way both of them can enjoy a i.e. spa day together! Ensuring that there is an expiration date is key to this gift quotient.
  6. Gift Her The ‘Family Jewels’ – any keepsake piece that has her children’s initials will warm her heart all year long.