Heather, I’m sure you get these all the time, but thank you for the content that you produce. I am the Executive Director for a small nonprofit and heard you first on the Tim Ferriss podcast. I downloaded every podcast you had done recently because I loved your mindset. We do a trip from Washington to South Dakota every year (we work globally) and we have been battered by storms the past two years. This year (while tent camping) we got weather alerts for tornadoes, golf ball sized hail, and 60 mph wind, and tried to wait it out. We thought we were in the clear and went back to camp and another storm cell came through camp and tore out the road and flooded us out. I brought us into the nearest city to get hotel rooms for the team. I remembered the story you told on one of your podcast appearances about asking for discounted rooms and we got ours for more than 40% off each room and got free breakfasts in the restaurant. I would have never have thought to do this before hearing you and just wanted to say thank you and that your views of confidence are so impactful to me personally and our organization. It seems trivial but I have a whole team that is excited to get back to work instead of being soggy and upset and it didn’t hurt our bottom line at all.

Thanks again.