Thanks for being my partner when we ran the radio stations in Saginaw Michigan. I always thought we were very good business partners together, covering all of the bases for each other and working as one unified team towards our goals. I also want to say thanks for continuing to be my friend beyond our partnership these past few years. 

When you are in the moment, and are young in your management career such as I was back then, it is hard to appreciate just how a business partner can impact your life then, and for years to come. 

Now that I am older (wish I was younger and knew what I know now right) and can reflect, compare and analyze, it’s much easier to see that you were a great business partner, mentor, coach and pal. I learned so much from working with you that made me a better manager, made me a stronger person and gave me more confidence, than any other partner, manager, colleague or supervisor I have ever had. And at the same time, we had a lot of fun hitting budgets, making money and working hard along the way.

I truly don’t remember working with any other person over the past 15 years who had my back like you did, helped me make good decisions (well mostly good), gave me solid advice and helped me become a better seller, business person and manager. I believe I would not have become as successful in my businesses career as I have been, if we had not crossed paths. Thanks Monahan!