Over 17 years’ experience in hiring talent have provided me with unique insight into the interview process and in helping people get hired at their dream company.

Inspired by the questions I often get from friends and acquaintances on how to get hired, I’ve compiled my top 10 tips for this How To Get Hired blog series, where I’ll explore—in detail—one easy tip at a time.

Let’s ensure you’re the candidate who stands out from the rest!

Tip 4: Always Have a Plan B.

Everyone needs a plan B in life. If you’re not the best “cyber stalker” out there and cannot find a common connection or mutual acquaintance to ask for a favor (which is hard for me to believe, so make sure you’ve really exhausted tips 2 & 3!), then it’s time to switch gears.

As I’ve already mentioned, you should never just send a resume and cover letter via email. This is the kiss of death! Instead, think about who this person is from the social media investigation that you undertook, then make a decision on what you are going to send them.

First, get ready to pull out all the stops.

Yes, you read that correctly: You are going to send the hiring manager something. Once, I was unable to get a meeting with a very important government employee that I needed to see in order to pitch an idea.

After a week of emailing and calling and receiving nothing but crickets in response, I decided to send him something. He had a very strong Irish name, so I spent time online researching and found his Irish family crest. I sent him an email with the subject line: “Our crests are so similar!” In the email, I talked about how unique his family crest was and how I wished I had one like his. I included a picture of his crest, and another one of mine.  One hour later, I received a response from him…and got the face-to-face meeting with him a week later.

Second, get ready to showcase your most thoughtful self.

Once you’ve committed to stepping out of your comfort zone, it’s time to send your gift. It might be a video message from you, it might be a calming essence with a note to say, “I’m sorry we haven’t met yet. I want to alleviate you of the responsibility of going through countless average resumes, so I sent you this calming essence to help you get through your difficult day.

Whenever you have time to see me, I will be there. I’m the candidate you are looking for!”

Plan B can also include sending a female hiring manager a cute floral arrangement with a nice note about picking up her spirits until you two can meet.

Plan B is about separating you from the sea of mediocrity out there so you can get hired at the company of your dreams!