WOW! Heather Monahan was amazing as our virtual speaker at DVRC. She was an uplifting and inspiring speaker who had such a unique way of sharing her journey through life showing her passion and ability to show others how to build confidence. I have to admit, I was concerned about if a virtual speaker would be able keep everyone’s attention for 45 minutes. That fear was dismissed after 2 minutes into the session. Heather was amazing and just had a way about her that was sincere in wanting to help others in being more confident about themselves. It was not only listening to her life story, but it was full of examples and specific takeaways for our listeners. Heather also provides so much free valuable information on her website and other social media. This event was so timely in the midst of the pandemic when so many folks just needed this pick-me-up!! Thank you, Heather! We want you back as a live speaker once we are out of this pandemic!!