When Heather Monahan was my Boss in Saginaw I often found myself in awe of this very talented class act of a leader. You see she was not only in a male dominated industry, that industry was undergoing a massive transition where by several radio stations where able to now coexist under one roof due in large part to the transition to the digital age. The old guard was not happy about this to say the least, then add in the fact that stations would no longer require as much staff as they had in the previous decade, most people would politely run away from a task this difficult, not Heather. To a true leader she knew difficulty could translate into opportunity, more importantly she instinctively saw this as not just a job reducing transition ushered in by the digital age, but rather a technological transformation that would enhance every aspect of the business. Make no mistake Heather Monahan is a master of the business arts and as the 21 Century began so did the career of an elegant visionary leader my one time Boss Heather Monahan.