I’ve learned numerous things from being a mom, including things I never even realized I didn’t know! The journey of motherhood has provided me with knowledge that I can apply to all areas of my life. Sometimes, life’s biggest lessons are taught by the tiniest of people.

Lesson 4: Practice Empathy

Being a mom has taught me to have empathy. I don’t know how empathetic I was before I had my son, but now I find myself seeing other people differently.  When you imagine how you’ll be as a mother and a wife and how things will be so perfect and then you get divorced and struggle to find time for your son because you are working so much, you start to realize that life for anyone is not what is seems or what you may have wanted it to be.

Today, when I see someone being arrested or being bashed in the news, I remind myself that this person is someone’s baby. I cannot imagine how hard it must be for a mother to see their child struggle in horrific ways. My life not turning out the way I had wanted or had planned has helped me to understand we should not judge those unless we have walked in their shoes.

I try to share these life lessons with my son and miraculously, some days, he listens and really understands (and on other days he rolls his eyes and asks me to stop talking).  It is an amazing feeling knowing you get the chance to impact a person’s life by sharing your views and experiences with them in a thoughtful way. Being a mother is the most amazing gift I have ever been given.