I’ve learned so many things from being a mom, including things I never even re-alized I didn’t know! The journey of motherhood has provided me with knowledge that I can apply to all areas of my life. Sometimes, life’s biggest les-sons are taught by our little ones.

Lesson 10: Pursue Your Passion

When I grew up, I didn’t realize that you could really follow and pursue your pas-sion. Instead, I focused on getting a job to make money. Through being a mom, though, I’ve learned how important it is to do what you love…whatever that is.

Today, I am learning from raising my son that everyone needs to follow their heart and pursue their passion. I constantly talk to my son about what it is that he wants to do, and of course, he wants to be a professional basketball player! While I know that there are very few people that will ever become pro NBA players, I encourage him everyday to pursue that dream and train hard to put himself in a position to get there. By encouraging him and talking with him about creating the life that he wants, I’m reminded that I need to create the life that I want.

It is never too late to pursue your dreams and follow your heart. I got away from this concept for years and have finally found my way back to it. I can tell you when you are doing something that is meaningful and purpose driven, you will see everything differently. Pursue your life passion and let nothing get in your way. For a long time, I forgot that this was the right thing to do. I am grateful to be learning from my son that it is never too late to be the person your were destined to become. Pursue greatness, because that is what you deserve.