Heather, I’m grateful to Know your story. You inspired me to continue with my goals because I’m uncomfortable in a job with a salary per hour. I know that I was born with a great purpose and it’s time to start working for my goals and helping others. I feel more confident doing what my intuition is telling me. Reading my diary helped me to open my eyes to what I want to do regarding my goals and dreams.

Looking back and thinking that on the first day of Confidence Creator I felt unbalanced, afraid to start working with my goals. The most amazing thing is that I am capable of doing everything I set my mind to, just as I did in the past. I can say that it was easy to put myself first and my priorities. The most important impact I have made is to be more grateful, to count my blessings. I still have to continue to strengthen my confidence, take action and not let fear dominate me even though I know it is not real.

And yes! I imagine having new challenges, opening new doors and growing professionally. I know that I’m able to create something that inspires other women like you do.

Thank you!

Many blessings