I have been participating in the Heather Monahan mentorship program since the first cohort in May and it has been life changing! As a former CEO with 15 years of senior leadership experience, I have designed leadership coaching for my leadership team and have had the opportunity to participate in executive coaching. I can say with certainty that Heather’s mentorship program exceeded my high expectations! As a new entrepreneur, I thought there was much I could learn from Heather as she has been both a successful C-Suite executive and has achieved so much in her short time as an entrepreneur. And learn I have!

In addition to the daily inspirational emails Heather sends the participants, we receive weekly mentorship calls, where Heather supports your personal & professional goals. The “power hour”, group sessions have been incredible. I have learned so much from all of the participants and it is amazing to see the growth and development of all the participants, regardless of where they are at with their respective journeys. Heather has invited subject matter experts to our group calls (at times previous podcast guests) and the opportunity to hear their wisdom and be able to ask questions has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

In the Heather Monahan way, Heather overdelivers with each and every mentorship and group session. If you have been wondering if you should participate in the next mentorship group, I highly encourage you to sign up! I guarantee you will not be disappointed! Hope to see you in the next cohort!