Life-changing!!! I have never in my 40+ years written a book review until today.

I had been stuck at a crossroads personally and professionally when I learned about Heather on Thrive Global in my LinkedIn feed. As a super busy professional divorced single mom to two very busy tween boys, making the time to read anything seems like a luxury… but I knew I needed to hear what Heather had to say so I got the audiobook and listened every morning on my drive after school drop-off. I often found myself bookmarking and/or saying, “YES!!!”, “BINGO!!!” and most often, “THANK YOU!!!” out loud (probably entertaining other drivers in the process!) because so much of what she says is SO insightful and perhaps most uniquely, PRACTICAL… so you finish the book not only feeling empowered and optimistic, but ready to take action.

I credit Heather and Confidence Creator with giving me just what I needed to get unstuck and move forward with living a much more deliberate, meaningful and happy life. This can only be good for not only me and anyone else who reads her book, but our children and everyone else whose lives we touch.

So bottom line, read or listen to this book… for you AND for so many others.

Thank you, Heather!!!