This is the next book you should read. This book is as real as Heather, but I expected nothing less. I looked forward to its arrival since ordering it, and when it came in I immediately began to read it. And I couldn’t put it down. Three amazing takeaways: 1) Not everything is as it appears. Heather comes across as one of the most “together” people you’ll ever meet. Yet, she deals with the same doubts, fears and problems that you and I do. The difference is, she’s learned to attack them head on. 2) Keep Moving Forward. Her story is one of someone who will not be defeated. Someone who fights through the disappointments, the setbacks and the hard times to reach her goals in life. And she shares those inspiring stories with us. 3) Live a Full Life. There’s room in our lives for EVERYTHING that we deem to be important. Kids, career, friends, associates, dreams, experiences…you can have it all if you decide you want it. Let “Confidence Creator” be your road map and let Heather be your guide. Caution…you’ll want to order multiple copies to share with the people you love.