Disclaimer – I know the author personally and I am a huge fan!! That being said, this is an unbiased review….I was simply blown away by this book. From start to finish. She was so open and honest and spoke about some things that I know were extremely hard for her to share, but in doing that, made herself vulnerable and relatable on so many levels. In addition to opening up personally and sharing so many stories which really shape the book, integrating the BAK concept and giving tangible examples on how to use them make this book extremely useful for every day use. The key takeaways at the end of the chapters are super helpful so that the reader can go back again and again to remind themselves how to implement these strategies.
One thing that really stuck out for me was the concept of “neutral thinking.” So many times we hear “stay positive” over and over – I am guilty of saying this frequently. But sometimes you just have to keep it neutral and that is a wonderful thing because it makes what you are going for more realistic and attainable.
I really appreciated the honesty, humor and practicality of this book – a wonderful read!!!