I’m going to come right out and say it. I love this book by Heather Monahan. It was more than ‘a good read’, I found it inspirational, motivational and truly made me dig deep on my own self awareness of emotions and feelings.

I was fortunate enough to receive an advanced digital copy, but my analogue copy is still on order awaiting the November 9th, 2021 launch date – and I am so looking forward to sitting down with it again in paper form, and making full use of the margins and the exercises provided to make a lasting resource on my journey forward.

Like many in the world, I ‘was fired’, with the very real trauma, self doubt, financial worries, long job search, depressing days, and sleepless nights that comes along with an unexpected ‘walking out’ by Human Resources. In my case, I was also ‘downsized’ a few years later, so went through these same turbulent emotions all over again.

This perhaps is why Heather’s book, Overcome Your Villains so resonates with me on a personal level, as in both cases, there were external villains and the ever present internal villain in my case. However, it is on the intellectual level that I am truly overwhelmed and astonished at the same time. Heather was able to pull experiences from her life, outline not only her coping mechanisms for those experiences, but with poise and finesse in her writing, has identified and reiterated those learnable and transferable skills. These same skills that she documents as using over and over, building upon, and improving with each additional challenge that was thrown at her, are captured and summarized for the reader to absorb and make personal application with.

And so, whether you are new or old, self employed, an entrepreneur, or looking to take that next step, or perhaps you identify with someone in your life that is a villain personified – this book, in my opinion, can help.