While I love fashion and firmly believe you should be yourself and celebrate what makes you unique in life, I’ve also learned that the office might not be the place to celebrate your inner fashionista! So, I’ve compiled my guidelines to help you decipher what to wear for every occasion. I hope these fashion guidelines give you some insight into how to feel and look your best while moving up the corporate ladder!

Tip 1: Find Your “Go-To” Work Outfits

If you’re like me, you have no time in the morning. I’m constantly running against a clock trying to get my son ready for school while simultaneously getting myself ready for work. This can prove difficult if you don’t plan your outfits out for work the night before.

I try to plan my outfits out on Sundays, but when things don’t go according to plan and I find myself strapped for time, I have two work outfits that I reach for, no matter what. One is a wrap dress. I own three different wrap dresses that all fit my body type, and I know when I throw it on, it will be flattering. My other go-to work outfit is a pencil skirt and blouse—or turtleneck—depending on the weather. I rotate my four different pencil skirts with basic blouses, so when I’m rushed and pressed for time, I know that these no-thought outfits will allow me to leave looking neat and pulled together.

By knowing what your body type is, dressing to enhance your unique figure and having some outfits that fit well and can be rotated throughout the week, you can put your best foot forward and concentrate on a job well done!