How to Create Confidence – Scott D. Clary, Success Story Podcast

Heather Monahan stands out as a dynamic force in the world of corporate and motivational speaking. She’s been celebrated as one of the Top 50 Keynote Speakers in 2022 by Real Leaders, thanks to her impressive 20-year journey to the top of the corporate world. Heather’s not just a business powerhouse; she’s also a TEDx speaker and the host of the “Creating Confidence” podcast, where she chats with big names like Sara Blakely and Gary Vaynerchuck. She’s also an author, with two best-sellers to her name: “Confidence Creator” and “Overcome Your Villains.” Her TEDx talk, which has been translated into six languages, and her podcast, ranked among Apple’s Top 200, showcase her wide-reaching impact. But there’s more to Heather than her professional achievements. She’s been recognized with the Glass Ceiling Award, named one of 2017’s Most Influential Women in Radio, and in 2021, Girls Club honored her as their Thought Leader of the Year. Thrive Global even spotlighted her as a Limit Breaking Female Founder in 2018. Heather’s insights and experiences have been featured across major media platforms, including USA Today, CNN, Forbes, Fast Company, Gary V’s Audio Experience, and The Steve Harvey Show. Now living in Miami with her son Dylan, Heather continues to be a source of inspiration and empowerment, sharing her journey and insights with the world.


Heather Monahan