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If you’ve ever been fired from a job unexpectedly or had your confidence take a hit due to some challenging situations then listen up. Confidence is a key factor to success and this episode will revive your confidence or give you a boost so you can crush your goals and dreams. Dean Graziosi talks with Heather Monahan, founder of Boss In Heels, Author, Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker and Confidence Expert, on this episode of the Own Your Future Podcast. From a thriving corporate career to an unexpected termination in 2017, Heather took a challenging situation and turned it into the ultimate redirection creating the thriving business she has today as a Top 50 Keynote Speaker, 2x best-selling author, TED Speaker, and coach. This episode is packed with insights and actionable tips for you to boost your confidence, tap into the work you feel truly called to do, and feel empowered to create a life you truly love. Get ready to feel more confident. Watch now.

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