Living in Miami has left me very in tune with how I look. When I was younger, I had to do less to look good. Now, at 41 years old, I put much more work into my beauty routine. While I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it’s im-portant to recognize your unique beauty and celebrate it; part of this celebra-tion is to take good care of yourself so you can be the best version of yourself possible.

As part of a series on the secrets to looking beautiful at any age, I’ll discuss the truth about what goes into beauty routines. Though it may seem like a lot of work—frankly, it can seem exhausting!—the efforts do pay off. It can take a vil-lage to help keep you looking and feeling your best. Start building your beauty tribe so you can look and feel like your very best you!

Secret 7: Find Your Makeup Mojo.

For me, makeup is a love affair. I love products and feel like I’ve tested just about everything out there! Finding key items that you reach for daily is a sure-fire secret to looking good at any age.

There are a few things I use for my standard look. First, I use a primer to set a base for my makeup; primer not only preps your skin and helps perfect the look of it, but it helps makeup last longer throughout the day. Next, I use a light foundation from Gee Beauty to even out skin and cover any imperfections. Then I move to IT Cosmetics concealer to knock out any undereye issues in a flash. I’ll contour with a stick bronzer because it’s easy and quick to define features when I’m in a hurry. After setting my makeup with a translucent powder, I add a pink blush and neutral eyeshadow. The final step—and maybe the most im-portant—is a highlighter. I apply it wherever the light would naturally hit my face to create a luminous glow and to make my cheekbones pop! I tend to use a light or champagne colored highlighter, but there are so many options out there for every skin tone.

Once you’ve discovered your favorite products and the best ways to apply them, you can feel confident that you look great whenever you walk out the door.