I don’t have words to describe how much I appreciate and admire Heather. I have been blessed to know her for more than 4 years and have been able to see the “behind the scenes” of her life! Yes she is BEAUTIFUL, even without makeup (for those that wonder), but more importantly, she is a strong, independent Mother. Being so successful at work makes her schedule very busy, however that does not keep her from her duties as a mom and being present in Dylan’s life. How does she do it? I even wonder myself sometimes, but I have come to realize that it comes down to: her love for the one thing that gives her the motivation to become a better woman and mother!

So if you’re looking for someone that can teach you a thing or two on how to handle life, work, single motherhood and all the obstacles that come with it, Heather is the complete package. She is a BADASS WOMAN!