Heather Monahan, Business Consultant

You Are A BadAss by Jen Sincero

Like many women, confidence and second guessing myself have been a life long struggle and hold back.

The only way to succeed is to not give up on your dreams and even though that may seem simple, it isn’t always very easy.

Luckily, as I have gotten older I have realized there are amazing books that can remind us what we already know in the moment we need a reminder the most.

You Are A BadAss by Jen Sincero is simply that book for me.

I picked up this book at a time when I was beginning to doubt the idea of following my dreams and taking chances.

Jen Sincero reminded me in a very simple, funny and direct way that I am capable of all that I can imagine.

Hearing that we are not in this alone and that we are very much in charge and in control of our future was extremely inspiring for me.

If you are someone that is currently in a space where you may be doubting yourself for any reason at all, You Are A Bad Ass will help you get through it