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Calling myself fat is no longer an option

Heather Monahan Boss in Heels PunchBowl

I recently realized that I spend more time with me than I do anyone else. And I am constantly reminding others to ensure they only surround themselves with positive and supportive people. What is funny is that WE are the ones that impact ourselves the most.

My Brazilian girlfriend always yells at me when she hears me call myself fat or put myself down in some way. She reminds me that I need to speak to myself the way I want others to speak to me. And she is right. 

She said she only speaks about herself in the highest regard to her husband.  She doesn’t ask him if she looks fat or tired when getting ready. Instead she says, “Wow, I look amazing!” And guess what, he says and thinks the same thing. 

For years, I would complain to my friends and my boyfriend that I was exhausted, looked tired, looked like a 10-pound sausage in a 5-pound bag and countless other degrading quips. At the time, I thought poking fun at myself was making me more relatable and funny. I decided to stop playing this game and take up a new strategy. I decided to channel my inner Brazilian goddess. What happened was nothing short of amazing.

The minute you begin to view yourself in the best light you will see that everyone else will view you that same way. Practicing this is fun. Give it one week of speaking kindly to you and watch what happens. The moment you think of putting yourself down or not forgiving yourself for something that you did or said, let the thought pass and instead think of something fantastic you can say to yourself. The more you practice this, the easier it gets.

By choosing a one-week test, I knew I could pull it off. I had no idea that in one week I would see a shift in the way others responded to me. Instead of taking shots at myself, I promoted myself and highlighted the good things about me. Even when I didn’t think that I looked fabulous, I would claim that I did. And it worked. 

Suddenly, others were complimenting me. My boyfriend was raving about my outfit choices and I was holding my head high. I started to do and try things that I previously would have been intimidated to do. This strategy ultimately improved my confidence and how I saw my potential and myself.

We all have a light to shine and a stage to take each morning when we get up. Our world is our very own runway and we need to work it like a Brazilian goddess on each pass. Why spend another day putting yourself down when you can be lifting yourself up?

Give it the one-week test and see the difference it makes on you. 


Heather Monahan