Vaynerchuk Reveals New Details About His Family: “I Don’t Share Everything Like I Just Shared with You”

LOS ANGELES (May 14, 2019)
– Best-selling author, keynote speaker, entrepreneur and founder of Boss In Heels, Heather Monahan, joins leading network, PodcastOne, with the debut of her Creating Confidence podcast, today. After successfully shattering the glass ceiling in corporate America, she is pulling back the curtain to expose what it takes to get ahead in business and life so everyone can claim the greatness they deserve. Each week, Monahan shares the techniques and strategies to create your confidence, pursue your dreams and leapfrog the villains that get in the way. New episodes are available every Tuesday on Apple Podcasts and PodcastOne.

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The debut episode features top-ranked podcaster, Gary Vaynerchuk. He digs into his advice for building your success and confidence, drawing from his business experience, positive perspective and what he’s learned through his journey. While he reveals a lot in his ongoing mentorship to the world, there are things about his private life he has never shared before being interviewed on this podcast. Below is an excerpt from the episode:

  • Vaynerchuk: “I don’t like talking about this…My grandma was remarkably negative. You know, she has dementia now, she’s been, in essence, gone for 5-7 years, but she’s been gone to me for 25 years because she was the singular most negative person I’ve ever come across in my life. And the reason I checked out from her at sixteen, seventeen, eighteen – whenever I did – was because she spent 100% of her time tearing down other people -my father, my mother-”
  • Monahan: “It’s your father’s mother?”
  • Vaynerchuk: “Yes – my aunt, my sister. She tried to do it to me but I was so – she gave up on tearing me down, I think on some level, because she could sense that I didn’t give a f*@!. Nonetheless, I’m disproportionally optimistic and positive, but I live – my grandma spent her whole summer with us every summer.”
  • Monahan: “So how did you create boundaries to protect yourself from someone like that?”
  • Vaynerchuk: “I couldn’t hear her.”
  • Monahan: “But other people – how did your sister do it then?”
  • Vaynerchuk: “She didn’t…What people don’t know is everything about me because I don’t share everything like I just shared with you. And the reality is I’ve seen it up close and personal. I know extreme positivity. I know extreme negativity.”

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