We have an extraordinary guest to share with you today. Heather Monahan is a bestselling author, keynote speaker with the Harry Walker Agency, entrepreneur, and founder of Boss In Heels. After successfully climbed the corporate ladder for many years, Heather Monahan is one of the few women to break through the glass ceiling and claim her spot in the C-suite.

As a Chief Revenue Officer in Media, Heather Monahan is a Glass Ceiling Award winner, was named one of the most Influential Women in Radio in 2017, and in 2018 was named a Limit Breaking Female Founder by Thrive Global. Heather’s new book Confidence Creatorshot to #1 on Amazon’s Business Biographies and Business Motivation lists the first week it debuted. Heather is a confidence expert and is currently working with Fortune 500 companies and professional sports teams to develop confidence in the workplace and on the court. She’s also a member of Florida International University’s Advisory Council to further serve as a mentor and leader in the South Florida Community. Heather and her son Dylan reside in Miami, Florida.

“When you don’t have negative people trying to pull you down, you accelerate in your life so much more rapidly than you ever thought was possible. ”


Heather’s tips for building confidence:

  • Cultivate a gratitude journal
  • Fire the villains in your life
  • Create a new dialogue within your mind

The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway


“Confidence is created, it is not given. In every moment, you are either building your confidence or you are chipping away at it; the choice is yours.”

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