Heather Monahan is the Chief Revenue Officer for the Beasley Media Group. Her main responsibility is increasing revenue. Period. She’s been Beasley’s CRO since January 2015, overseeing all sales of the company’s core radio, digital, and non-traditional revenue opportunities. Heather joined Beasley in 2003 as DOS in Fort Meyers. In 2004, she was promoted to VP of Sales — with responsibilities to create company-wide initiatives to improve revenue generation and manage the development and recruitment for the sales team. In 2007, she was promoted to Executive Vice President, and this year she is part of Radio Ink‘s Most Influential Women in Radio list which is set for release on June 19.

Dan Mason, a longtime friend, says Monahan has a proven a success in revenue management, team development, innovation in radio, and leadership into digital platforms. “She also has solidified herself as a voice in media and a mentor to many through her speeches, website and positive social media messages. As one of the handful of C-level female executives in radio, she had developed a vast network where she is able to advocate on radio’s behalf at a very high level.”

Beasley Media’s Bob McCurdy says he’s worked with dozens of the most talented men and women in this business over the past 41 years at Katz, and Heather Monahan is easily as talented and effective as any of them. “She is relentless, smart, fair, forward-thinking and, in my opinion, a key cog in the future of this industry.”

Katz Media’s Christine Travaglini considers Monahan a great business partner. “She is an advocate for workplace diversity and inclusion. Heather encourages women to support each other and is always willing to help people realize their full potential. She is a trusted business partner who brings great leadership, commitment, and results orientation. She opens doors for many careers and has tough standards — pushing people to do their best work. She is also very fair and caring, and does it all with grace. Heather is also a single mom that values family and doing the right things.”

Radio Ink: What are you doing to make the radio industry stronger?
Heather Monahan:Through developing strong relationships with our advertising partners, I work to understand the challenges that our industry presents and identify potential solutions. Elevating our client’s challenges to our peers and our industry overall allows me to tap various talent across the country to ensure we provide solutions that keep our clients happy. Some of my closest relationships are with my counterparts at other radio groups. When we as an industry collaborate together to solve problems for our clients, we all win.

Radio Ink: What advice can you offer readers on how to be successful?
Heather Monahan: To be successful in anything you need to invest in yourself. Discovering what it is about you that makes you unique is critical. Once you identify what your “superpowers” are you need to make sure that you are in a situation where you get to use them daily so you can grow and develop to your potential. Finding a mentor is a must. My mentors have been the ones that have guided and developed me throughout my career. When you are taking care of yourself, making yourself a priority, and spending time doing what you love, your best ideas will come to you. Then it is up to you to act on them!

Radio Ink: What steps can or should they take to advance and head toward achieving their goals?
Heather Monahan: Move into your fear. We are the only ones standing in our way and the reason why is fear. When you decide to move into your fear, you will find everything you want on the other side. Moving into your fear can be as simple as speaking up in a meeting when you are not sure your perspective will be liked. Taking small steps every day to overcome your fear will pave the way for you to take big leaps in the future. Keep track of your wins as they will build your confidence and keep you growing.

Radio Ink: Why have you been successful?
Heather Monahan: I own my strengths and I put them to work for me. Listening to my intuition has been one of the most powerful decisions I have ever made and it never serves me wrong. When I am faced with adversity and negativity, I listen for my own voice and I move forward with courage regardless of the situation. By being true to myself, I grow stronger. I support and encourage others and as a result I have amassed a large network, which pays dividends. Through my network I am able to gain access to different industries and insight that allows me to connect the dots back to radio. Without my network I wouldn’t be able to identify trends, gain access to decision-makers or collaborate across companies and industries.

Radio Ink: What do you want to see radio do better?
Heather Monahan: Collaborate, take risks, and attract a wide cross-section of talent from various backgrounds and age groups.

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