1. Ask. This is the single most powerful thing that any of us can do. Find your boss, go face-to-face and ask directly, not apologetically, for what you want.
  2. Assume You Will Get it Before You Ask and you will come from a place of strength. Write down all of the reasons why you deserve a raise/promotion, remember how good you are and how lucky the company is to have you.
  3. Get Clarity From Your Supervisor on Your Performance. If you have received performance reviews pull them together for your meeting. If you have not, highlight all of the things that show your accomplishments and ask for a meeting to get direct feedback on the job you are doing. There is no better time to ask then when your supervisor is praising you.
  4. Change Your Perspective. No matter who you are, the reality is it will cost a company much more to lose you, replace you and train someone new than it would to just give you the raise/promotion. The minute you see your own value, the rest of the world will too.
  5. Dress for the Job You Want Not the One You Have. When you are going to ask for a raise/promotion, be sure that you are going in ready to receive it. Put your best foot forward and dress the part before you walk in to ask.
  6. Prepare. You know your supervisor and you can prepare for the objections he/she may give to you. Write out all of the potential challenges you may run into and create solutions. Practice how you will handle the challenges. Leave no stone unturned. 
  7. What is the Worst That Can Happen? No one will die. You will not get fired for asking for a raise. The worst thing that can happen is you can start a conversation that can be continued at a later date. Or better, you can find out what specific tasks your boss needs you to accomplish in order to get what you want. Someone is sold in every interaction—be the one that closes this deal!

Heather Monahan is a life coach, workplace expert and founder of #BossinHeels a mentoring service aimed at empowering women by showing them how to use their unique strengths to achieve success in all aspects of their lives.